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Principle Investigator: Dr. Yuan Jing (袁兢) Google Scholar CV


I am an assistant professor in the department of civil and environmental engineering of the National University of Singapore. My broad research interests cover from revealing fundamentals of geophysical flows in coastal regions to solving coastal engineering problems with advanced modelling techniques in fluid mechanics. I am deeply fascinated by the rigorous math in theoretical fluid mechanics and attracted by the advance techniques and beautiful results in experimental fluid mechanics. Things are more interesting if my research can either reveal the fundamental physics of the nature or create practical value for engineering applications. I like to combine any research methods to study an interesting topic, rather than finding a topic that suits a certain research method. A key challenge in coastal engineering is that the problem often involves multiple spatial and temporal scales, and usually the small-scale physics determines the large-scale phenomenon. My research follows the philosophy that one should first investigate small-scale physics and then use the scientific understanding to derive simple-yet-realistic models for large-scale applications.

Post-Doc Research Fellow

Currently hiring.

Graduate Student

Currently hiring.

Group Allumni


Dr. Tan Weikai

PhD student (2016-2020), Research fellow (2020-2021)

Now: Huaiwei Technologies, Co., Ltd.

Research area: Numerical modeling of sheet-flow sediment transport, vortex ripples.


Dr. Cao Deping

Research Fellow (2018-2021)

Now: Post-doc research fellow, NUS

Research area: experimental study of wave overtopping, wave-seawall interaction and etc.

drawing Dr. Chen Hao

Now: Assistant Professor, University of Glasgow (Singapore) Google Scholar

Research Fellow (2018-2020)

Research Area: Numerical simulation of wave overtopping flow striking a human body

drawing Dr. Wang Dongxu

Now: CIFI Group

PhD student (2015-2019)

Thesis: Coastal sediment transport over wave-generated vortex ripples

drawing Dr. Asim Onder

Now: Research Fellow at NUS, Google Scholar

Research fellow (2015-2018)

Research area: Direct Numerical Simulation of oscillatory flow over a wavy bottom.

drawing Dr. Li Zhiwei

Now: Research Scientist, Changsha University of Science and Technology, Google Scholar

Research fellow (2014-2016)

Research area: Experimental study of sheet-flow sediment transport due to waves on a sloping bed